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Turin Shroud – In Whose Image – Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

These are the same investigative authors who wrote The Templar Revelation and, my word, just look at what they’ve come up with now ! Although first published in 1994, the storyline of this reprint remains essentially the same i.e that the face on the piece of cloth we know as the Turin Shroud belongs to no other than that marvellous heretical genius, Leonardo da Vinci.

That the shroud is not the real McCoy we are all aware. Carbon dating has all but proven the shroud could not possibly have covered the body of a crucified man at the time of the Roman occupation of Judaea. The authors allege that the current shroud is a brilliant fake that Da Vinci was commissioned to forge in order to serve his patron’s political and financial ends.

Although modern photographic techniques can reproduce the negative image present on the Shroud, many hard-line Christians (completely dismissing the carbon-dating results as irrelevant) assert that the technology required to create the image was not around in Da Vinci’s day, and so it can only have been created by some kind of divine intervention such as Jesus emitting spontaneous radioactivity at the moment of resurrection.

Picknett and Prince set out to prove the image could have been created by somebody of a sufficiently experimental bent using materials commonly available in da Vinci’s time (Leonardo certainly fits the bill as far as a man who liked to experiment is concerned). Did they succeed ? Read the book and find out !

Ah, Leonardo. Man of mystery, tormented genius, brilliant heretic. An absolutely fascinating study !