Templar Lore

The New Jerusalem – The Extraordinary True Story of how a Secret Society Rebuilt London – by Adrian Gilbert

After the great fire of 1666, a great part of the City of London lay in charred ruins. This is the story of how it rose, phoenix like, from the ashes under the guidance of such notables as Sir Christopher Wren. The great buldings we are all familiar with such as St. Paul’s Cathedral stand testament to their accomplishments but what the author is seeking to draw our attention to is something altogether more esoteric.

He provides convincing arguments that Christopher Wren, amongst others, was a Rosicrucian, an underground movement whose motives lay in the preservation of knowledge dating back millenia and which had seen the involvement of the Knights Templar and other movements both exoteric and esoteric during its flow down the ages.

What links edifices such as the Monument, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the ancient Templar church just off the Strand ? Why was the Monument built to such exact dimensions and how is it linked to later erections such as Nelson’s column ?

Have a look at Wren’s startling first design for St. Paul’s, rejected as unacceptable by the clergy. How did the Royal Society come into being as a result of all this ? Anyone who has been to London and looked upon these buildings will be very surpised by what the author has to say.

Very surprised indeed !