Templar Lore

The Templars’ Secret Island: The Knights, the Priest & the Treasure by Erling Haagensen, Henry Lincoln

On Friday 13th October, 1307 under instructions from the Pope, the order known as the Knights Templar was rounded up and imprisoned, some were executed. Many sources, however, maintain they received prior notice of their imminent demise, and managed to spirit away their treasure from the main preceptory in Paris to their fleet anchored at La Rochelle. There is no record of the fleet after that date. It simply vanished from history. What was the nature of the Templars’ treasure and where did it end up ? This book offers one theory. In the Baltic Sea, off the south coast of what is now Sweden, lies the unremarkable Danish owned island of Bornholm.

Unremarkable, that is, apart from one thing;for its size, it is literally smothered in ancient churches that bear all the hallmarks of having been built by the Knights Templar. Not only is there a proliferation of Templar churches, but the authors offer evidence they have been so set out as to display a geometric design imprinted on the topography of the island. The book takes us through the mystery of Rennes-le-Chauteau and Bérenger Saunière who allegedly dicovered documents of world-shattering import whilst renovating his delapidated parish church in southern France, documents that purportedly made him a very rich man. Has the geometry revealed when these documents are analysed anything to do with the Bornholm churches ? The authors think so. Are there chambers hewn out of the rock under the Bornholm churches where the Templars may have secreted their treasure after fleeing the wrath of Philip the Fair of France ? What is Bornholm hiding ? What indeed !


What exactly did Hugues de Payen and co. find under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during their secretive excavations between 1118 and 1127 ?

Speculation ranges from the Ark of the Covenant to the preserved head of Jesus Christ.

What were they doing in the Holy Land in the first place ? Certainly not protecting pilgrims travelling the highways en route to the Holy City. They were only nine founding members after all.

The fact that the Al Aqsa Mosque they were quartered in is situated directly above the long sealed subterranean complex known as the Stables of Solomon offers some clues. The alleged Templar worship of the disembodied head Baphomet affords others.

Is the Templar tradition inextricably enmeshed with the history of Freemasonry whose roots are said by some to stretch as far back as ancient Egypt and by others beyond even that to a now lost civilisation of remote antiquity ? Where does the bloodline of the Merovingian Kings and their supposed descent from the exiled family of Jesus come into it all ?

And what of the Templar legacy ? Was their knowledge the technology behind the building of Europe’s great Gothic cathedrals ? Are their secrets encoded into the design of Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, guarded jealously by the ancient Sinclair family? Did they bury the lost treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem on the Danish owned Baltic island of Bornholm ? Are they linked to the Cathar Heresy and subsequent Albigensian Crusade or, more recently, the mystery of Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Chateau with its mysterious eminence gris, the Prieuré de Sion.