Templar Lore

The Head of God – The Lost Treasure of the Templars by Keith Laidler

On Friday 13th October, 1307 (the date, incidentally, from which we get our superstition of Friday 13th being an inauspicious day) a Papal Bull manipulated into existence by Philip the Fair of France demanded the rounding up and arrest of all the members of the Knights Templar in the then Catholic world.
Under interrogation, amazing tales of treasure and the worship of a disembodied head began to emerge, shocking the inquisitors to the extent they executed and imprisoned many of the unfortunate Knights on the grevious charge of heresy against the Church.

The author siezes upon this alleged worship of a disembodied head called “Baphomet” and traces the origins of head worship back through time to ancient Egypt where he really throws the cat amongst the pigeons by suggesting that the biblical Moses was none other than the deposed monotheistic pharoah, Akhenaten.

Forward we go again on a trail through the founding of ancient Israel, the building of the Temple, the times of Jesus, the burial under the Temple Mount of something special and its subsequent unearthing and carting off to Medieval France by the Knights Templar.

Did the Knights have prior notice of their imminent destruction in the days leading up to Friday 13th ? Did they manage to steal off into the night with their treasures ?

The author seems to think so as there is no evidence Philip the Fair ever got his hands on the Templars’ wealth. Keith Laidler even thinks he knows what the treasure actually is and where it was secreted off to.

What does he think is buried under an extremely strange coloumn in an extremely strange “chapel” in southern Scotland ? Oh my !


The Hiram Key – Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas

This is the first of three books co-authored by these two active Masons dealing with the origins of Freemasonry and a corpus of hidden knowledge that occasionally rears its head as the centuries drift along.

The authors suggest that the rituals of modern Freemasonry have their origin in ancient Egypt, whence they came down through the years via the king-making rituals of the Hebrews and then fell into the hands of the Knights Templar who rediscovered them on scrolls retrieved during excavations under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem between 1118 and 1127. As precursors of what we know nowadays as masons, the Knights Templar bequeathed this body of knowledge to their successors. All well and good and a case well researched and presented, but what on earth does it all mean ?

Messrs. Knight and Lomas think they can trace the rituals back to a murder in ancient Thebes and they then take us forwards in time through the Exodus, the time of David and Solomon and eventually to the events depicted in the New Testament. Are some of the events in the Bible depictions of the Jewish version of ancient Egyptian king-making rituals? Was the esoteric knowledge that went hand-in-hand with these rituals (i.e. the science jealously guarded by the select few) recorded on scrolls and buried under the Temple Mount and did the Knights Templar retrieve these scrolls and use the knowledge contained in them to construct Europe’s great cathedrals amongst other things?

Well, the answer is nobody knows for sure, but this book is brilliantly researched and lent credence by the fact the authors are high-level practising Masons and, as such, can be presumed to have access to material you won’t find down your local public library.

So, if you’re a mason yourself, or just intrigued by what the grand pooh-bar and his mates get up to behind their closed doors, this book’s for you.

What exactly did Hugues de Payen and co. find under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during their secretive excavations between 1118 and 1127 ?

Speculation ranges from the Ark of the Covenant to the preserved head of Jesus Christ.

What were they doing in the Holy Land in the first place ? Certainly not protecting pilgrims travelling the highways en route to the Holy City. They were only nine founding members after all.

The fact that the Al Aqsa Mosque they were quartered in is situated directly above the long sealed subterranean complex known as the Stables of Solomon offers some clues. The alleged Templar worship of the disembodied head Baphomet affords others.

Is the Templar tradition inextricably enmeshed with the history of Freemasonry whose roots are said by some to stretch as far back as ancient Egypt and by others beyond even that to a now lost civilisation of remote antiquity ? Where does the bloodline of the Merovingian Kings and their supposed descent from the exiled family of Jesus come into it all ?

And what of the Templar legacy ? Was their knowledge the technology behind the building of Europe’s great Gothic cathedrals ? Are their secrets encoded into the design of Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, guarded jealously by the ancient Sinclair family? Did they bury the lost treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem on the Danish owned Baltic island of Bornholm ? Are they linked to the Cathar Heresy and subsequent Albigensian Crusade or, more recently, the mystery of Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Chateau with its mysterious eminence gris, the Prieuré de Sion.