Templar Lore

Uriel’s Machine – Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas’s third co-authored book A bit of a diversion from the previous two in which they take a more holistic stance as to the origins of the knowledge that has become encoded into Masonic ritual via the Egyptians, Hebrews, and Knights Templar.

It seems they are beginning in this book to grasp the enormity of what they have uncovered in their research into the past.

It is definitely heavier going than the previous two in that there is more science involved especially from Robert Lomas (quite understandable when you realise his doctorate is from a scientific discipline).

The guts of the book revolve around the so-called Neolithic Yard, a unit of measurement prevalent throughout stone-age monuments in North-Western Europe (and possibly further afield) and inextricably linked with observational astronomy and especially the celestial movements described by the planet Venus (anyone who’s read the Da Vinci Code will see the ramifications of this).This unit of measurement, the authors argue, indicates a high degree of scientific nouse well before orthodox historical grey-beards think it developed and even go so far as to suggest it may have been the source for the engineering skills of other ancient races i.e. the knowledge spread from North-Western Europe outwards rather than end up there from elsewhere.

The book covers quite a spectrum of knowledge and we like to think it ties in quite nicely with Henry Lincoln’s views in Key to the Sacred Pattern (also reviewed on this site).

So, if you’re into maths and astronomy, this one’ll rattle your cage!


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