Templar Lore

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark – Laurence Gardner

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of GoldThis is from the same author who brought you “Bloodline of the Holy Grail”, a very erudite scribbler whose string of personal accomplishments includes the truly splendid and magnificently esoteric sounding “Attaché to the Grand Protectorate of the Imperial Dragon Court of Hungary, 1408”. We’ve no idea what that means, but it sounds great!

In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence Gardner reveals to us some “amazing revelations of the incredible power of gold”. What on earth has this got to do with the Knights Templar ? Well, although touching on some of the material already covered in “Bloodline” the author now concentrates on that most sought after of all artefacts from remote antiquity, the sacred Ark of the Covenant itself.

The story starts with a little known discovery by a British expedition to Mount Serabit on the Sinai Peninsular headed up by non-other than that famous archaeologist Sir WM Flinders Petrie. Having cleared the mountain-top site where they were expecting perhaps to find a Semitic altar stone (this being, after all, one of the possible locations for Moses’ enigmatic encounter with the burning bush documented in Exodus), they were rather startled to uncover instead a large temple complex dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor containing inscriptions dating back to the time of the 4th dynasty pharaoh Sneferu who reigned about 2600 BC. Amongst the goodies left floating around the ruined complex were 483 artefacts many of which have since disappeared, some in very mysterious circumstances. However, the real show-stopper as far as our interest is concerned, was a metallurgist’s crucible and a quantity of fine white powder found concealed under some carefully laid flagstones. Was this the fabled mfkzt (mufkuzt), a term that had baffled Egyptologists for centuries. Mufkuzt, a distillation of gold to its utmost purity from which could be derived a type of stone said to hold extraordinary powers amongst which were to afford its ingester an extended, healthier lifespan and also the ability to enter into an altered state of being. We don’t know about you, but it sounds to us that we are getting into Philosopher’s Stone territory here!

Gardner then takes us on a tour of ancient artefacts that are fabled to have the same type of properties such as The Golden Fleece and finds a common denominator. Gold! We then have a trot through the Old Testament paying special attention to King Solomon and where he managed to get his hands on all the gold purported to have been included in his building projects – especially the Temple at Jerusalem (and this is a really juicy little extra property that the mfkzt substance is supposed to have. Very handy indeed!)

All very esoteric and unprovable you might say, until we are introduced to some of the qualities of purely refined gold that have only recently come to light thanks to the application of quantum physics. It transpires that gold does some extremely weird things at a sub-atomic level especially with regards to its relationship with light.

And so to the crux of the book and the involvement in the story of the Knights Templar in their manifestation as descendants of aristocratic Jewish families who had been forced to flee Palestine after the events related in the Bible. They had married into French nobility and kept certain mysteries and secrets alive down the intervening centuries until the Crusades presented them with an opportunity to return to their ancestral homeland and claim back what had been hidden all those years ago. There is even a school of thought that suggests the families involved actively engineered the First Crusade for this very reason. Was the Ark of the Covenant filled with this fine white powder, this Mfkzt, this gold in its purest form? Does this explain the extraordinary powers attributed to it by the Bible, its ability to waste armies and kill indiscriminately and seemingly at random? Was it in fact an extremely powerful kind of battery capable of all sorts of scarcely credible carryings-on, a corpus of knowledge known to the Templars and only now being rediscovered thanks to the advancement of leading edge science?

What did the Templars do with the Ark once they had recovered it? Did they use its power to help construct the great gothic cathedrals of Europe? And where is it now? What could they conceivably have done with this very handy bit of gear? Ever been to Chartres?


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