Templar Lore

What exactly did Hugues de Payen and co. find under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during their secretive excavations between 1118 and 1127 ?

Speculation ranges from the Ark of the Covenant to the preserved head of Jesus Christ.

What were they doing in the Holy Land in the first place ? Certainly not protecting pilgrims travelling the highways en route to the Holy City. They were only nine founding members after all.

The fact that the Al Aqsa Mosque they were quartered in is situated directly above the long sealed subterranean complex known as the Stables of Solomon offers some clues. The alleged Templar worship of the disembodied head Baphomet affords others.

Is the Templar tradition inextricably enmeshed with the history of Freemasonry whose roots are said by some to stretch as far back as ancient Egypt and by others beyond even that to a now lost civilisation of remote antiquity ? Where does the bloodline of the Merovingian Kings and their supposed descent from the exiled family of Jesus come into it all ?

And what of the Templar legacy ? Was their knowledge the technology behind the building of Europe’s great Gothic cathedrals ? Are their secrets encoded into the design of Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, guarded jealously by the ancient Sinclair family? Did they bury the lost treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem on the Danish owned Baltic island of Bornholm ? Are they linked to the Cathar Heresy and subsequent Albigensian Crusade or, more recently, the mystery of Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Chateau with its mysterious eminence gris, the Prieuré de Sion.


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Just to let you know as I thought you may be interested, that a new book has just been released which may shed some new light on something the Knights Templar may have been up to and one or more of the secrets that may have been in their possession, which, along with some other valuable items, they quickly had to hide when they were arrested by the French king, Philippe the Fair in 1307. They never returned to claim it. But the location of this secret deposit was not lost having been entrusted to a local family. The secret was passed down from one generation to the next until it was entrusted to a priest, Antoine Bigou. The French revolution arrives and the priest, a strong royalist supporter, fears for his life and flees the country to Spain. Unable to take the secret with him, before he fled he hid a parchment in his church telling of the secret.
Many years later in 1885 a new priest, Berenger Sauniere arrives in the village of Rennes-le-Chateau and during renovations of his rundown church he finds the Bigou Parchment and and the secret is revealed to him. He soon becomes a very rich man.
In the decorations of his church, dedicated to Mary Magdalene, Sauniere embeds subtle clues to the location of this secret deposit, knowing only too well that to reveal it during his lifetime would not only bring about his death but also of those he loves, he has been threatened with this and he was not about to call their bluff, these were powerful people with limitless resources, he had no option but do as he was told, up to a point!
Shortly before the millennium Sauniere’s clues were deciphered.
2008 a book is released telling the details of this Lost Templar Tomb and how it was discovered.
2009 An excavation with the French Government is planned.

Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar Tomb by Ben Hammott

100 years ago a French priest embedded clues in his church leading to a secret location.
Those clues have been solved.
That location has been found.
The SECRET is revealed!

Available to ORDER now for immediate dispatch

Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar – Chapter 1 is available to read from above link in low-res PDF (616kb)

Comment by Ben Hammott

Ben Hammott Research and Discoveries:

Comment by Ben Hammott

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